Calling All Pittsburgh Beer Bloggers!

With Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 quickly approaching, events are being planned, media day has been scheduled, and sponsors are falling into place.

The one missing piece, as far as I can see, is you, the Pittsburgh Beer Blogger. In the past two years that PCBW has been active the one missing piece to our media coverage has definitely been the inclusion of beer bloggers, especially those in the Pittsburgh area. As a fellow blogger and owner of, I feel that we as bloggers have a lot to offer and can provide some of the best coverage possible for the week of events that are being planned.

I would like to get as much help as possible so as many beer bloggers can help cover as many of our events both big and small as possible and act as a unified front to not only help build up Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, but to also help one another gain readership, traffic, and maybe even have some fun along the way.

I propose that we have a meeting on Sunday, April 13th at a meeting place to be determined for some lunch beers and talk over some plans on what to cover, how to cover it, and how we can get your posts more visibility via Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week’s social media and site.

Please fill out the form below with your information if you’re interested in joining in and want to do some blogging for PCBW2014. The only requirements are:

  • You already have an existing blog that is beer-centric.
  • You are serious about posting multiple (more than 2) posts in and around PCBW 2014.
  • You can enjoy yourself and write without purposefully bad-mouthing any establishments, beers, companies, etc. We’re about building a community of craft beer, not knocking it down so while you don’t have to be chipper and cheery about everything, we won’t support outright negative or derogatory posts or comments. Have fun and be nice.

Podcasters and bloggers are welcome, and since this is a new thing, we look forward to any input you have on how to cover the week and events.

For submissions must be in no later than Wednesday, April 9th. Spread the word and I hope to see you there.


Brian Meyer

Craft Beer Academy