My #PCBW: Day 1

Craft Beer Academy PCBW Day 1


There’s a lot to do during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week this year, as you can pretty easily see by checking out the calendar, but the thing you can’t see in a list of events is how the events really go down.

For that, you need feet on the ground, checking the venues out and trying the beers so you know what you’re expecting when you get your hands on them. This is why I’m making sure to visit at least one PCBW event every day and recording it here so you can see how things go and what at least one person’s experience was. Look for this recap every day for all of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.

All these posts are going up over on Craft Beer Academy, so check out day 1 and check back for more each day. While you’re at it, check out my other posts about Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week¬†too.


My #PCBW: Day 1 – Collaboration Beers, Good Pizza, and some Church.

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