Great Lakes cleans up a river


A local conservation group needed volunteers to clean up a stretch of riverbank and plant trees early on a Saturday morning. The event quickly filled up and can’t take any more volunteers. Could an after-work party featuring craft beer have anything to do with it? Here’s a little more about a Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week event that you can’t participate in cleanup because there are so many volunteers already but you can feel good about it by joining in at OTB after the cleanup. 





  1. Connie Tucci says

    Thanks Bob! for the great article! We have been advertising this Event and Need for Volunteers since January and so many stepped up to lend a hand! Makes me very proud to be a Pittsburgher and an employee of Great Lakes Brewing Company! Although the event hasn’t happened yet- I am sure of it being a success just by the amount of people wanting to be involved. Next year- we will know to have more “cleanup duties” so more and more volunteers will be needed! (and an even bigger after party!)

    We are always looking to partner with groups that want to make the Earth a better place—so if anyone is reading this and has ideas for this year or next year…feel free to send me and email!

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