Create your own Beer Week event

Inside Korner Pub, looking out.
Inside Korner Pub, looking out.

We’re deep into the #PCBW2014 calendar and there still are more events than are humanly possible to go to.  You don’t even have to look at the calendar. You can organize your own personal Craft Beer Week event, at the bar, and with the beer, of your own choosing.



  1. says

    Hello Sir

    I have a small bakery café and I always have a couple of beer cupcakes and for the craft beers week I had:
    Guinness Foreign Extra Chocolate Stout
    Church Brew Works Cherry Quadruple Cherry Chocolate with dried cherries
    Weyerbacher Tango with dried cherries
    Dog Fish Head Noble Rot with milk chocolate
    Yards double chocolate Love Stout
    Southern Tier Double Chocolate Stout

    I do this each year and the clients love it,
    perhaps you can stop by someday and try a couple, and I hope list me in next years craft beer week and perhaps you paper.
    As well I have a whole line of other yummy items.

    Thank you

    James Kaufmann
    Café Chocolade
    7061 Steubenville Pike
    Oakdale, PA 15071
    412 788 40 41

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