Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is Almost Here

Burgh beer lovers, lend me your ears. For it is once again our week in the sun. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW) is once again upon us! This year, our week-but-actually-ten-day-period runs from April 17th through 26th. As usual, there are some great craft beer events happening all around town, including tap takeovers, beer and food pairings, beer dinners, etc. Rare beers all over Pittsburgh have been waiting for this week to be served. Our beloved collaboration beers are coming back this year, as well as a beer-themed documentary with a Pittsburgh slant! Stay tuned to my blog, Facebook, or Twitter at beerPittsburgh.com for all the updates as they come. Enjoy this week!

All Saints / Rivertowne Collaboration Beer

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Hey Pittsburgh, it’s time to think about our local craft beer week. This year’s festivities take place April 17 through the 26th, and as a beer enthusiast, I look forward to the events and more specifically the collaboration beers. What exactly is a collaboration beer? Well, a tradition of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week since its inception has been the idea of getting our local brewers together to brew unique beers with each other. These one-off beers help us celebrate not only craft beer in Pittsburgh, but most importantly our local breweries and brewers too.

I’m fortunate enough to have several of these local brewers as friends so I sat down with two of them to discuss one of the 2015 collaboration beers. This year brewmasters Andrew Maxwell of Rivertowne Brewing Company and Jeff Guidos of All Saints Brewing Company put their heads together to design a German Pale Amber. This yet to be named brew will be based on 2-row Pale, CaraRed, CaraMunich I & II malts with featured hops Nugget and El Dorado. Check out the interview below and look for this collaboration beer as Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2015 kicks off on April 17th.

What does Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week mean to you?

Andrew: It’s a celebration of brewery contributions to the neighborhoods and region. Good people coming together sharing good times over a beer or two for good causes.

Jeff: It’s an opportunity for brewers of the region to hang out and catch up. We’re all friends but we’re all busy with day-to-day activities.

How did the collaboration partnership come be?

Andrew: We’re long time friends and share a mutual respect for each other in this business.

Jeff: We’ve shared a friendship and customers since the late 90s. It seemed natural, but yet it’s the first time we’ve done it.

What was the inspiration for the beer?

Andrew: We wanted to design a beer that was highly drinkable but complex.

Jeff: A beer that leaves you wanting another. We look for it to be hoppy, crisp, moderate alcohol but most of all very drinkable.

When and where will the beer be brewed?

A 7-barrel batch will be brewed at the All Saints location in Greensburg and a 15-barrel batch will be brewed at the Rivertowne Pour House in Monroeville. Target brew date is Wednesday, March 11th to allow ample time to lager.

Where will we find it?

All of the Rivertowne locations (restaurants and brewery) and the All Saints Brewery. Additionally, various bars and events will feature collaboration beers during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week.

Thanks to Andrew and Jeff for the interview and brewing great craft beer. It’s always great to sit down with a few brewers and see what they thought as the idea for a new beer comes to light.


Al Barnett

Craft Beer Enthusiast



Come check out the review of Commonwealth Press’s third annual PGHTEE event. It was a free tee-shirt art show housed in Commonwealth Press’s warehouse. Over 20 local artists showcased their best printed tee’s for our viewing pleasure. The tee’s were displayed on clotheslines and tables throughout the warehouse. Plus, this event had free beer! Local homebrewer’s associations like T.R.A.S.H and T.R.U.B provided the flavorful brews for the night. We had a blast checking out all of the super creative tee’s while drinking some awesome PGH brews! Look at what we did at PGHTEE 2014!


My #PCBW: Wrap-Up


Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014: Closing Time

Wow, what a week. From firkins to t-shirts to breakfast cereal, it was a pretty good time.

But, as with all good things, it has to come to an end at some point. Just like the last pint out of a keg, PCBW will be missed, but that shouldn’t stop you from reliving it by going to the venues and sponsors of PCBW 2014 and making your own fun the entire year.

Check out my review of PCBW 2014 and, as an organizer for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, I thank you all for coming out and supporting the craft beer scene in Pittsburgh. While it’s a good time, it’s a lot of work for us, but it’s all worth it when I see people out at an event or talking about how much fun they had.

So thank you for doing your part and making Pittsburgh one of the best beer cities in the country. Cheers!

Closing Time: Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 Wrap-Up


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The final days of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 are upon us and the weekend absolutely lived up to the billing. All across Pittsburgh, events were held that truly captured the essence of what PCBW is all about. From firkins getting tapped to home brewers squaring off to see who gets to brew a batch of their beer with Helltown to oysters to parties behind an old steel furnace, there is no question that endless fun NEVER goes untapped during Craft Beer Week!

My adventures through Pittsburgh Craft Beer roll on in the latest installment of My PCBW. Enjoy!

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