Craft beer destinations in Pittsburgh

As we get ready to kick off the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, there’s no question enthusiasts across the region will be vamping up their excitement and looking for great locations to partake in the crafts. Our 10-day celebration is certain to feature memorable moments from locales all over the Steel City, with tap takeovers, sampling events, craft beer education and fun ready to rule the realm.

Are you in search of  great destinations to enjoy Craft Beer Week at? Search no more! Take a look at this compilation from Breaking Brews that includes some of our proud sponsors for PCBW 2014.

Craft Beer Destinations in Pittsburgh

A View Into the Life of Pittsburgh Brewers

As a city, we are going through so many awesome changes and growth spurts that 20 years from now we will look upon this time as Pittsburgh reinventing ourselves. Focusing in on beer alone, it is amazing that we have a brewery in just about every part of town. We are also extremely lucky to have these folks who decided to brew beer doing it here share their stories with us.

It seems that the 90’s were a hot time to get started in the brewing profession, the booming industrial phase if you wish. Andrew Rich, from Penn Brewery decided to start brewing beer with a former rugby teammate (the former rugby teammate is Matt Cole and the brewmaster for Fat Head’s, go Matt!). They brewed A LOT of bad beer, but they’re knowledge improved with each brewing batch. Andrew did a stint with Erie Brewing Company before coming to Penn Brewery.

The other Pittsburgh brewer that started brewing in the 90’s is Steve Sloan from Roundabout Brewery. After spending a few summers over in Lansberg, Germany, he fell in love with all sorts of types and styles of beer. He also got to go to plenty of beer gardens. After Steve graduated from the University of Florida, with a Masters in Chemistry (what other beer brewers can say that they have a Masters in Chemistry?), Steve went to Hawaii and got his first brewing job at Kona Brewing Co. That was 1996. Steve is rather well traveled and we’re a lucky town to have caught his eye and now get to enjoy his beer in Pittsburgh.

Now Megan Seastedt, brewmaster at Rivertowne, at the ripe age of 21, decided that brewing beer was going to be a passion. Her friend was in a home brew club that met monthly in New York.  She tagged along one time and that was all she could think about afterwards, “I want to make beer.” It was just a small scale at first, but the owner of the home brew shop offered to teach her!  She knew she wanted to get a job in brewing, but job hunting back and forth between New York State and Pittsburgh was proving difficult. She started in NY with a local brewery gluing boxes and labeling beer, but soon moved up to the bottling line.  Trying to focus in on commercial level brewing, she decided to take the bull by the horns and applied to the Fermentation Science program at Oregon State University. She was accepted and after just 1 term got a job.  She was a cellar-lady at Southern Tier, but now the brewer at Rivertowne Brewing Brewpub in Monroeville. Megan always wants to challenge what she knows about beers and emphases “DRINK LOCAL & DRINK OFTEN”. We have the same motto here at Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week!

Scott Smith’s story for East End Brewing is short, sweet, and to the point.  He left his perfectly good job at a Fortune 500 Company to see if brewing would work. You only live once, so why not?! Hey, we’re really glad Scott took the plunge. Scott’s on the same page about the revolution of beer within Pittsburgh. Like us, Scott is expecting big things and can’t wait to experience all the beer this city will have to indulge in, right at our fingertips.

Andy Kwiatkowski is not just a part of the board as a home brewing rep., but has just got a professional brewing job. His father is a home brewer and Andy’s been around brewing since a young boy. Andy’s father let him draw labels for his brews since he wasn’t yet able to enjoy the fruits of his labor quite yet. It was always interesting to him and in 2009 a close friend had brewed a beer specifically to celebrate his college graduation and it blew Andy away! Making something in your kitchen that could taste so delicious is what jump started Andy into brewing beer on his own. He did some research for home brewing and 4 months later got hooked.

Now that you are all officially beer geeked out, let’s talk about how these brewers start their day, re-energize, or just when they feel like making eggs. Steve from Roundabout has perfected a soft boiled egg. Megan doesn’t care as long as her eggs are served with bacon. LOTS of bacon. Scott wants his eggs from the hens that have been fed on spent brewer’s grain.  Andrew from Penn Brewery takes after Dr. Seuss with some Green Eggs & Ham. Finally, Andy enjoys them scrambled with some sriracha. Scratch that, he likes some eggs with his sriracha. If you all get a little star struck meeting these fine folks, you can now strike up some egg-cellent conversations starters.

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#PCBW2014 is less than a month away!

There are going to be a lot of events that the brewers above and many more of our amazing sponsors are creating for us to enjoy this year during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. Make sure to stay current with our calendar. Events will be posted very shortly. Some of the events that our featured brewers are most excited about include the Collaboration Brews, Beer vs. Cocktail Dinner, The Keg Ride, The Real Ale Fest, Beer Barge, and many more.

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Five Things You’ll Find During Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

For centuries, beer has served as the lifeblood behind some of the world’s most remarkable creations (not even including the evolution of the drink itself), thus making it a beverage worth celebrating. In a big way. Throughout our great country, festivals are held year-round to celebrate the world’s most popular and important drink.

As the craft beer scene has grown, so have the events that bring its creators and advocates together. More and more people are expanding their horizons, ignoring the watered-down advertisements, and trying new beers that challenge the palate with every sip.

While the craft beer revolution is prevalent all over the land, Pittsburgh has become a hotbed for craft beer over the past decade and change. Each day, a new consumer picks up a unique beer for the first time and increases their intrigue. Each day, bars and restaurants across the Steel City tap a new IPA or special offering from one of the hundreds of craft beer breweries or, equally as significant, one of the several local craft beer breweries like Helltown, East End, Full Pint, and others. It’s led to a scene that’s spread like wildfire 365 days a year in our fair city. But for 10 of those days, craft beer is given center stage to further its stake.

In 2012, the first ever Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week was held to collectively pull together the efforts of everyone behind the craft beer movement. Craft beer continues to grow, both in revenue and popularity, and the movement is sweeping its way through Pittsburgh and pulling people into its wave of unique beer choices in an epic way.

As we approach the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week starting April 25th, us on the good side of craft beer advocacy are anxiously awaiting the events, collaborations, camaraderie, and all-out fun the week entails.

And for those just hopping on the bandwagon, here are 5 Things You’ll Find During Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week:

  1. Increased Awareness - If you’ve joined us for any events over the past two years, you know full well craft beer awareness is up when the clock strikes Beer Week. This week provides a unique snapshot of enthusiasts who enjoy craft beer from many different walks of life, for many different reasons. But, despite who they are and what they do, craft beer is the common thread that ties them all together.
  2. Enhanced Beer Education - If you’re just tapping into the craft beer scene or looking to give your palate the push it needs, Craft Beer Week is the perfect opportunity to make it happen. Education is a cornerstone of these events and highlights many of the scheduled events. Regardless of what event you choose, you’re guaranteed to find other like-minded beer fans to learn from.
  3. Social Connectivity - As Craft Beer Week has evolved, so too has the way its many events are shared. It’s impossible to be at every event at once, but through the power of Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, you can be enjoying a hopstrong IPA at Bocktown in Robinson while tweeting with someone toasting a collaboration beer at Piper’s Pub in the South Side. The power of Social Media allows you to enhance your Craft Beer Week experience and you’ll see even more of this in 2014.
  4. Collaborations - Craft Beer Week brings together our local craft beer constituents and the results always leads to collaborative beers that will make you wish they brewed together every day! Even breweries outside of Pittsburgh have contributed, like Southern Tier Brewing’s Craft Beer Week rollout last year, Pittsburgh Left. The 10-day event is normally the only time these beers are available, so don’t miss out!
  5. If You’re On the Fence About Craft Beer… - Whether craft beer stole your heart some time ago or you’ve just begun flirting with entering a relationship with it, Craft Beer Week is a great time to interact with other beer fans and discover what style of beer is right for you. We all reach a point where we demand more from our beer. If that statement weren’t true, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week wouldn’t exist.