Create your own Beer Week event

Inside Korner Pub, looking out.

Inside Korner Pub, looking out.

We’re deep into the #PCBW2014 calendar and there still are more events than are humanly possible to go to.  You don’t even have to look at the calendar. You can organize your own personal Craft Beer Week event, at the bar, and with the beer, of your own choosing.


Great Lakes cleans up a river


A local conservation group needed volunteers to clean up a stretch of riverbank and plant trees early on a Saturday morning. The event quickly filled up and can’t take any more volunteers. Could an after-work party featuring craft beer have anything to do with it? Here’s a little more about a Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week event that you can’t participate in cleanup because there are so many volunteers already but you can feel good about it by joining in at OTB after the cleanup.