Getting Excited for Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014

With Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 almost here, I felt it only appropriate to start talking about it over on my own beer blog,

Big events like the Beer Barge and the Real Ale Festival are just the start to more than a week of festivities, so if you have a minute, head over to my site and check out my post on hyping Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014.

We’re planning a lot of coverage for this year’s PCBW and for the first time, that will include some coordinated efforts from your favorite Pittsburgh beer Podcasts and beer blogs. Check back for more on the events of PCBW before, during, and after this year’s craft beer week, and get out and get some good beer.

10.8 Gallon Full Metal Firkin – The Pittsburgh Real Ale Festival


Hosted by Piper’s Pub and taking place at Highmark Stadium on Saturday May 3rd from 1pm-5pm, 10.8 Gallon Full Metal Firkin is Pittsburgh’s only festival dedicated strictly to serving real ale.  This is the second year for The Pittsburgh Real Ale Festival; after the success of our first festival, Release the Firkins, during Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2013 we decided to expand the event with more space, more beers and more fun for 2014. This year’s event will benefit the Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance and Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week with a portion of proceeds benefitting both organizations.


What is real ale? More than just your regular beer, real ale is a living thing. A style of beer that Piper’s pub specializes in, it’s truly a special type for a beer festival. The beer is made following all of the same steps any brewer would follow, but instead of being filtered and/or pasteurized then kegged or bottled it is left to condition in its serving vessel, a firkin in most cases, where the yeast is left alive to ferment a second time. This allows the flavors and aromas of the beer to naturally develop in the ale, but it also means much greater care must be taken in its storage and service – real ales have a short shelf life and are best when drank shortly after tapping. All ales served at 10.8 Gallon Full Metal Firkin will be real ale, gravity poured from custom-built cradles. It is for this reason that we are happy to share our list of participating breweries, but won’t know until we vent the firkins the night before the festival what is going to be served…things alive aren’t always the most predictable. A more in-depth primer on firkins and cask ales is coming soon to

real ale festival

This year’s Real Ale Festival will be host to at least 65 firkins of real ale. These beers will be available nowhere else, as vall were kegged just for this event. Included in our firkin madness will be the 5 winners of the Piper’s Pub homebrew contest. Our local homebrewers were asked to submit an ale for judging last October, winners were selected by a panel of professional beer geeks and the 5 best are being brewed, firkin-ed and will be poured at 10.8 Gallon Full Metal Firkin by their creators. Along side our homebrewers will be at least 60 other firkins from local, regional and national breweries. A full list of the breweries participating and the winning homebrewers is available at


READY FOR TICKETS? Get them here while you still can.


Beer is most definitely the focal point of our festival, but man cannot live on ale alone! Included in admission are specialties from both Piper’s Pub and The Pub Chip Shop along with a buffet of foods meant to pair perfectly with the ales you will be sampling. We needed more space, so we are taking over all of Highmark Stadium for the event and will have food and beers available inside and out on both floors of the event space, all with amazing views of our gorgeous city! We are working out some details and may be adding a couple local food specialty vendors in the coming weeks, details will be posted to our website as we are able to confirm.

highmark stadium real ale festival

Beer? Check. Food? Check. Entertainment? CHECK! We will have a local DJ spinning some music for the afternoon, Commonwealth Press will be on site screening t-shirts and the Tartan Devils, Piper’s Pub football team, will be taking the pitch for a league match at 3pm – should be a great match to watch while sampling real ales. We are working on some other fun stuff, a rumor of a photo booth is floating around, more details will be posted as we confirm them.

Admission is $65 and includes all the beer and a logo taster glass to drink it in, the food, and all of the woos and high-fives we can pack into 4 hours.  Tickets are on sale now and full details about the venue and event are available at


Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 Media Day

Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week (PCBW) 2014 Media Day will take place on April 16, 2014 from 11:30AM to 1:00PM at Penn Brewery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week begins on Friday, April 25, 2014 with many events in store for the Pittsburgh region. After two successful years, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week is back for a third year of events and activities.  PCBW will begin on Friday, April 25, 2014 and conclude on Sunday, May 4, 2014. Thanks to the help and involvement from the community, Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week in both 2012 and 2013 brought nearly $4 million dollars to the Pittsburgh region with over 400 events each year.  We encourage all local media to attend our media day event to learn more about the events, taste our collaboration beers, and interview the local craft beer community.

The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance (PCBA) is the organization behind Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. The Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(6) organization overseen by a board that consists of brewery managers, restaurant managers, craft beer industry employees, and others to help promote and raise awareness for Pittsburgh craft beer. Overseen by this board, the PCBA was created to promote and enhance the thriving Pittsburgh craft beer scene with the creation of Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week. The inaugural event for PCBW was held in April of 2012 and since then the week and the alliance have continued to grow in their ability to share craft beer knowledge and awareness throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Download a copy of the official press release here.

Calling All Pittsburgh Beer Bloggers!

With Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week 2014 quickly approaching, events are being planned, media day has been scheduled, and sponsors are falling into place.

The one missing piece, as far as I can see, is you, the Pittsburgh Beer Blogger. In the past two years that PCBW has been active the one missing piece to our media coverage has definitely been the inclusion of beer bloggers, especially those in the Pittsburgh area. As a fellow blogger and owner of, I feel that we as bloggers have a lot to offer and can provide some of the best coverage possible for the week of events that are being planned.

I would like to get as much help as possible so as many beer bloggers can help cover as many of our events both big and small as possible and act as a unified front to not only help build up Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week, but to also help one another gain readership, traffic, and maybe even have some fun along the way.

I propose that we have a meeting on Sunday, April 13th at a meeting place to be determined for some lunch beers and talk over some plans on what to cover, how to cover it, and how we can get your posts more visibility via Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week’s social media and site.

Please fill out the form below with your information if you’re interested in joining in and want to do some blogging for PCBW2014. The only requirements are:

  • You already have an existing blog that is beer-centric.
  • You are serious about posting multiple (more than 2) posts in and around PCBW 2014.
  • You can enjoy yourself and write without purposefully bad-mouthing any establishments, beers, companies, etc. We’re about building a community of craft beer, not knocking it down so while you don’t have to be chipper and cheery about everything, we won’t support outright negative or derogatory posts or comments. Have fun and be nice.

Podcasters and bloggers are welcome, and since this is a new thing, we look forward to any input you have on how to cover the week and events.

For submissions must be in no later than Wednesday, April 9th. Spread the word and I hope to see you there.


Brian Meyer

Craft Beer Academy

First Full Meeting of 2014

The first full Pittsburgh Craft Beer Alliance meeting of 2014 was held on January 20th at James Street Gastropub in Pittsburgh. The meeting was a huge success with a crowd of craft beer fans filling the upstairs meeting space provided by James Street.

The meeting itself was not very intensive, as it’s main purpose was to bring everyone together and start the ball rolling for #PCBW2014. Among the topics covered included committees and signing up new members for 2014. Remember, if you were an individual member in 2013, your $20 membership fee is waived for 2014, all you need to do is sign up.

Business membership is still $100, but the fee is deducted from any sponsorship package you purchase.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and made the meeting great, speaking for the rest of the board, we’re looking forward to the next meeting and getting things done.